Daily News For October 7, 2005

Krauthammer On Miers

Charles Krauthammer: “If Harriet Miers Were Not A Crony Of The President Of The United States, Her Nomination To The Supreme Court Would Be A Joke, As It Would Have Occurred To No One Else To Nominate Her”


Dobson Admits Doubt. Focus Founder Questioning Early Endorsement Of Miers

Republican Activists Slam Miers Nomination

Right Sees Miers As Threat To A Dream

Senate Sets Standards On Detainees. Lawmakers Defy Bush To Overwhelmingly OK McCain Bill In Response To Abu Ghraib

Police Investigate New York Subway Terror Threat

Rove Said to Testify in CIA Leak Case. His Attorney Confirms He Still Is Not A Target Of The Investigation

Other Jury Declined To Indict DeLay. Texas Prosecutor Described As Angry

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War On Terror

The United States And Its Allies Have Thwarted At Least 10 Serious Al Qaeda Terrorist Plots Since Sept. 11, 2001, Including Never-Before-Disclosed Plans To Use Hijacked Commercial Airliners To Attack The East And West Coasts In 2002 And 2003, President Bush And His Aides Said

Bush Hits ‘Islamic Radicals’

Clinton: Iraq War’s ‘A Quagmire’


Peggy Noonan: The Miers Misstep. What Was President Bush Thinking?

David Frum: Responses On Miers

Richard Miniter: Laura Ingraham For Scotus! She’s Got More Going For Her Than Harriet Miers

Robert Novak: Bush’s Unpleasant Surprise

Johnathan Turley: What Qualifies One For The Supreme Court?

Patrick J. Buchanan: Republican Senators Should Not Rally Around Their President

Jonah Goldberg: Bennett’s Critics Prefer To Misunderstand Him

Stephen Bainbridge: The White House Considers Conservatives To Be A Nuisance

A Transcript Of Hugh Hewitt & Mark Steyn’s Latest Chat

Betsy Newmark: Where Is The MSM On DeLay Now?


Court Rules in Favor of Anonymous Blogger

FBI Freeh Unloads On Clinton: ‘Closets Were Full Of Skeletons’

The Seats Most Likely To Change Hands In 2006

Democrats Urged to Abandon Election Myths

Lack Of Hurricane This Week, Proof That Global Warming Is Subsiding

Humor: Bush Names New Agriculture Chief

Website Of The Day: Vote Miers Down

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