Daily News For Sep 2, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

Katrina Damage Could Hit $50 Billion

Hastert Questions Rebuilding New Orleans

Gunmen Target Medical Convoy

Relief Workers Confront ‘Urban Warfare’. Violence Disrupts Evacuation, Rescue Efforts In New Orleans

Officials Struggle To Reverse A Growing Sense Of Anarchy (Free NYT Reg Req)

Bush Warns Looters, Urges Americans Conserve Gas

Bush To View Hurricane Devastation Friday

Congress to Vote on $10B Katrina Package

Europe On Standby To Send Petrol To US

Kuwaiti: ‘The Terrorist Katrina’ Is A Soldier Of Allah’

Walmart Gives 15 Million Dollars In Katrina Aid Plus Free Diapers, Baby Wipes, Food, Formula, Tootbrushes, Bedding And Water

The McCormick Tribune Foundation Will Match The First $2,000,000 Contributed To Hurricane Relief At 50 Cents On The Dollar

Oklahoma City University Offers Free Tuition to Any Student Affected by Hurricane Katrina

Boy Saves 13 People

Fats Domino Is Missing In New Orleans

Police: Miss. Man Kills Sister Over Bag Of Ice

Pets Not Allowed On Evacuation Buses From The Superdome (Ridiculous)

Ebay: Hurricane Katrina Protection Services


Stephen Moore: Flat Tax Revolution — An Idea Whose Time Has Come–Just Not Here

The WSJ: The New Constitution Has More Virtues Than Risks

Mark Steyn: Why I Remain An Optimist On Iraq (Free Spectator Registration Required)

Website Of The Day: Lutheran World Relief

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