Daily News For Sept 15, 2005


California Judge Declares Pledge Unconstitutional

Mass. Legislature Rejects Proposed Amendment Banning Gay Marriage

Architect Offers To Alter Flight 93 Memorial To Appease Critics

White House to Fortify U.S.-Mexico Border

NBC / WSJ Poll: Bush’s Approval 40%

The New York Times To Start Charging To Read Its Columnists Next Week

There Will Be No Welcome Mat In Georgia Next Year For Illegal Immigrants If Republicans In The Georgia Senate Have Their Way. A Bill They Are Backing As A Top Priority Would Block Taxpayer-Funded Benefits For Individuals Who Are Not Citizens

Hurricane Katrina

Ex-FEMA Chief Mike Brown Tells Of Frustration And Chaos (Free NYT Reg Req)

Over 50 Katrina Evacuees Have Died In Texas

Amid Katrina Chaos, Congressman William Jefferson, D-La, Used National Guard To Visit Home

A Generous Response Begins To Slow (Free WAPO Reg Req)

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At Least 160 Die in Iraq al-Qaida Bombings

A Ban In England And Wales On Marriages Between Parents-In-Law And Their Children-In-Law Is In Breach Of Human Rights, The European Court Said Yesterday (The Next Step After Gay Marriage?)

Israel: Massive Arms Smuggling Into Gaza In Past 3 Days

U.S. Military Denies Bin Laden Report. Newspaper Quoted Colonel Saying Al-Qaida Leader Was Seeking Medical Help

Afghan Official Claims Commanders Deliberately Let Osama Escape In 2001


Mark Steyn: Flight 93: Re-Hijacked

Ann Coulter: Actually, ‘Judicial Activism’ Means ‘E=mc2’

Thomas Sowell: Whose Constitution Is It?

Dahlia Lithwick: Humble John Roberts & The Crashing Bores

An Interview With John Tierney


Bush Seeking Bathroom Break At UN Summit?

German Inventor’s “Cat Fuel” Angers Animal Lovers

Claim: The Beauty Products Made From The Skin Of Executed Chinese Prisoners

Website Of The Day: Reaganites Unite

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