Daily News For Sept 18, 2006


Pope Says Remarks Intended As Invitation to Dialogue

Arab Op-Ed: Pope’s Remarks May Lead To War

Italian Nun Slain In Somalia, Pope Link Speculation

Just Outside Westminster Cathedral Today Muslims Were Behaving Badly

Israel: Few Months To Avoid Nuclear Iran

Australia’s Muslim Leaders Have Been “Read The Riot Act” Over The Need To Denounce Any Links Between Islam And Terrorism. (Applause)


Negroponte Says Legal Uncertainty Has Curbed CIA Interrogations

U.S.: Keep 7 Confession Methods

Former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey’s Book Is Out And It Covers His Secret Gay Sex Life

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Democrats’ Midterm Lead Seen Narrowing

Michael Steele’s Opponent Fires Staffer For Racial Comments

Vermont Congressional Race: Peter Welch (D) 48% Vs. Martha Rainville (R) 45%

The Excuses Keep On Coming For Ellison’s Behavior


Stephen Hayes: How Bad Is the Senate Intelligence Report?

Bill Sammon: McCain The Maverick

Mark Steyn: Coverage Of 9/11 Anniversary Was Too Wimpy

Michael Barone: The Issues Have Been Reframed

Cyrus Nowrasteh: The Path To Hysteria. My Sin Was To Write A Screenplay Accurately Depicting Bill Clinton’s Record On Terrorism


Roger Waters [Pink Floyd] Concert Tour Hits North America And NYC With Flying Pigs, Urging Dem Votes In Election, ‘Impeach Bush’ Written On Rear Of Pig Floating Over Audience

Police: Hit Man Strangled by Intended Victim

The Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America Myths Vs. Facts Sheet

Man Jailed For 11 Years In Bizarre Divorce Saga

Chip In To The Wuzzadem Pledge Drive

Humor: Greg Gutfeld’s Fashion Week Diary, Part I

Website Of The Day: Viking Pundit

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