Daily News For Sept 25, 2006


Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist On Sunday Said He Wants A Senate Vote Soon On An Immigration Bill Focusing Primarily On Border Security, But Acknowledged That Quick Passage Is Doubtful

Clinton, Fox Anchor Battle in Interview

An Anti-American 9/11 Memorial In Arizona Inspires Outrage

GOP: A Family Of Four Earning $50,000 Today Would Owe An Additional $2,092 A Year – A 132 Percent Increase In Their Tax Bill If The Democrats Get Elected And Roll Back Bush’s Tax Cuts

VeggieTales Too Christian For NBC. Network Demands Edits, Creator Says It Fears Kids Hearing ‘God Loves You’

Falwell Acknowledges Comment About N.Y. Sen. Clinton, Devil

Mel Gibson: “What’s Human Sacrifice, If Not Sending Guys Off To Iraq For No Reason?” (Boo!)

Secrets Of ‘South Park’


U.S. Has Nothing To Back French Report That Bin Laden Is Dead

White House: Account Of Iraq Report Incomplete

Former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar: ““It Is Interesting To Note That While A Lot Of People In The World Are Asking The Pope To Apologise For His Speech, I Have Never Heard A Muslim Say Sorry For Having Conquered Spain And Occupying It For Eight Centuries.”

Lebanese Christians protest Hezbollah

We’re Not Getting First Hand News From Iraq. There Are Only 9 Embedded Reporters Covering The War


Senator George Allen In Political Hotseat Again: Past Use Of “N” Word

The Overwhelming Majority Of George Allen Teammates Deny That They Ever Heard Him Use The N Word

Rasmussen Polling On PA Senate Race: Casey 49% vs. Santorum 39%

Rasmussen Poll: Ensign 50% Vs. Carter 41%

Video: Mike Bouchard’s Latest Campaign Commercial


George Will: Speaking Back To Islamists

Rabbi Ginsburg Discusses A Meeting With George Bush

Jack Kelly: Democrats Are The Ones Who Suppress The Facts On Iraq

Mark Steyn: U.N. Shows Why It’s Incapable Of Reform

Kevin Rennie: Getting A Line On Lamont


Highlighting The Absurdity Of The “False Self-Esteem” Culture

Cemetery To Bury All, Christians Too, Facing Mecca

Blogger Book Gets Endorsement From Tom DeLay

Website Of The Day: FreeTheDog

Website Of The Day: Counterterrorism Blog

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