Daily News For Sept 29, 2005


Indicted DeLay Steps Down From House Post

A Statement From Tom DeLay & His Comments About The Indictment This Morning

DeLay Calls Prosecutor A ‘Partisan Fanatic’

Blunt Picked To Replace Delay As US House leader

Attempt To Pick Successor Is Foiled. Blunt Temporarily Takes Reins As Conservatives Reject Dreier (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Gov. George Pataki On Wednesday Removed A Proposed International Freedom Center From The Space Reserved For It At Ground Zero, Saying The Project Had Aroused ”Too Much Opposition, Too Much Controversy.” (Free NYT Reg Req)

Gov. Blanco Gets No Katrina Questions From Senate Committee

NASA Chief Confesses:Space Shuttle ‘Mistake’. Nearly All Last 30 Years ‘Was Not The Right Path’


Reports: Plot To Attack Paris Subway, Airport. Police Arrest 9 In Anti-Terror Sweep After Tip Off From Algerian Authorities

The Day When Osama Bin Laden Applied For Asylum – In Britain

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Richard Brookhiser: American Jews Unprepared For Attacks From The Left

Jonah Goldberg: What We’ve Learned (About Democrats) From The Battle Over Roberts

Dick Morris: The Left Nips At Hillary After Her Move To The Right

Ann Coulter: Bob Shrum With A Good Cause

Robert Robb: Fiscal Relief Is There, If GOP Finds The Backbone

John Tabin: The DeLay Opportunity


Democrat Ben Affleck Is Considering Running For Senator In Virginia?

100 Dead Cats Found In Empty Apartment. British Officials Believe Someone May Have Been Living Among Corpses

Quicksand Can’t Suck You Under. Experiments Show That Humans Do Not Sink All The Way Into Shifting Sands

Website Of The Day: The Republican Research Council

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