Daily News For Sept 6, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

Mayor: Katrina Death Toll May Hit 10,000

City To Offer Free Trips to Las Vegas for Officers (WHAT? NOW???? Free NYT Reg Req)

New Orleans Police To Be Pulled Off Streets

10,000 Still Refuse To Leave New Orleans

Kuwait Pledges $500m For Hurricane Relief

Major Gap Closed In New Orleans Levee

Katrina Medical Help Held Up By Red Tape

Red Cross Bureaucracy Causing Frustrations

In The Chaos That Was Causeway Boulevard, This Group Of Refugees Stood Out: A 6-Year-Old Boy Walking Down The Road, Holding A 5-Month-Old, Surrounded By Five Toddlers Who Followed Him Around As If He Were Their Leader. (Free LA Times Reg Req)

French Quarter Holdouts Create ‘Tribes’

Rescuers Pluck Residents From Hellish Waters. ‘God Sent Us To Get You’

Celine Dion:
Let ‘Em Loot! Singer Claims ‘They’re So Poor They’ve Never Touched Anything In Their Lives’

Barbara Bush: “And So Many Of The People In The Arena Here, You Know, Were Underprivileged Anyway, So This –This Is Working Very Well For Them.” (DOH)

Sean Penn’s Rescue Bid Sinks

The Full City Of New Orleans Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

Mark Steyn: Proof That Nothing Changed After Sept. 11

Mark Steyn: The Big Easy Rocked, But Didn’t Roll

Christopher Ruddy: Don’t Blame Bush For Katrina (Excellent)

Ben Stein: Get Off Of Bush’s Back


Claim: The Nation Of Islam In Los Angeles Is Calling On The Crips And Bloods Street Gangs To Stop Fighting Each Other – And To Unite In A Jihad Against The LAPD. (Free LAT Reg Req)

Sen. Chafee Likely To Be Challenged From Right

Insurgents Seize Iraqi Town (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Iran’s Leader Calls For Jihad Against Israel

Bush Nominates Roberts For Chief Justice

Website Of The Day: Mercy Corps Hurricane Katrina Relief

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