Daily News For Sept 6, 2006


Pakistan Reaches Peace Accord With Pro-Taliban Militias (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Israeli Soldier-Swap Deal Reached: Paper

Iraq Follows Al Qaeda Coup With Mass Arrests

Iraqi President Sees UK Troops Gone By End Of 2007

“America Will Not Bow Down To Tyrants,” He Said In The Second Of A Series Of Election-Year Speeches Defending His Handling Of The War On Terrorism And Iraq. “The World’s Free Nations Will Not Allow Iran To Develop A Nuclear Weapon.” (Applause)

Nine Arrested In Denmark’s ‘Most Serious’ Terrorism Case

Blair To Go ‘Next Summer’


New Find In The Gulf Of Mexico Could Boost U.S. Oil And Gas Reserves By As Much As 50 Percent

Justice Kennedy Gets New Stent

David Gregory Tells Press Secretary Tony Snow, “Don’t Point Your Finger At Me,” And Snow Accusing The Newsman Of Being “Rude” And Delivering Democratic Talking Points

White House Chief Of Staff Slams Dem Leader

Romney Orders State Agencies Not To Cooperate With Iranian Leader

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Harris Wins Fla. GOP Senate Nomination (Sigh)

Fading Democratic Drumbeat

High-Flying Spitzer Hits Ethical Turbulence

McGavick Gave Misleading DUI Account

Claim: GOP Secretly Channeled Millions To Lieberman

Veterans Thank Lieberman For War Backing


Walter Williams: What’s Discrimination?

Thomas Sowell: The New Nomenklatura

Debbie Schlussel: Miller’s Fertilized Response Says It All — Brewer Openly Supports Alien Amnesty

An Interview With Lorie Byrd

Lori Byrd: CNN’s Real-Time Replay Of Sept. 11 Coverage To Refocus Day Of Infamy


Study: 70% Of 9/11 Recovery Workers Have Lung Problems

A Woman Who Has Been Paralysed From The Waist Down For 17 Years Is Walking Again After A Chance Two-Minute Session On A Toning Table

Stormtroopers Blast Through Gender Barrier

Website Of The Day: Mary Katharine Ham’s Blog

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