Daily News For September 1, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

Katrina May Have Killed Thousands

New Orleans Mayor: “We Are Looking At 12 To 16 Weeks Before People Can Come In”

Officials Helpless Against Looters

New Orleans Declares Martial Law To Crack Down On Looters

Levee Repair Work Has Yet To Begin. Engineers Plan To Intentionally Breach Some New Orleans Floodwalls

At Least Ten U.S. Airports Face Closure Due To Jet Fuel Shortages

20 Oil Rigs Missing In Gulf Of Mexico: US Coast Guard

“US Gasoline Prices Are Now In The Process Of The Most Dramatic Spike Ever Seen”

Ouch! $6 Gas Near Atlanta

White House To Release Oil From Reserves

President Bush Views Damage From Air Force One

Katrina Floodwaters Trap Couple In Alligator-Filled Ditch


800 Killed In Iraq Bridge Stampede

US Troops Free Reuters Cameraman

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A Federal Grand Jury In Los Angeles Today Indicted Four Men — Including The Leader Of A State Prison Gang — For Allegedly Plotting A Harrowing String Of Attacks Against U.S. Military Facilities, Synagogues And Other Sites In Southern California As Part Of A Terrorist “War” By Islamic Extremists (Free La Times Reg Req)

Sheehan, War Protesters Leave Camp Near Bush Ranch

Census Bureau Report: Nearly One-Third Of Those Without Insurance Live In Households With An Annual Income Of $50,000 Or More


Ann Coulter: Ted Kennedy’s Private Parts: Part 1

Jonah Goldberg: Pfizer Vs. Al Qaeda

Matthew Continetti: The War Among The Democrats

Walter Williams: Gasoline Prices

John Stossel: Half-Baked Science


Blogger Faces Lawsuit Over
Comments Posted by Readers

Inventor Of Anti-Rape Device Prepares For Launch

Website Of The Day: Samaritan’s Purse

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