Daily News For September 12, 2006


Gulbuddin Hekmatyar Reported Captured (This Is Big!)

Blasts Heard At Foreign Embassies In Syria

Hamas Agrees To Share Power With Fatah


The Text Of Bush’s Speech Last Night

“Outburst” From Crowd When Democrat Jim Moran Gets Political At 9/11 Remembrance

Mayor Vetoes Chicago ‘Living Wage’ Bill That Targets Wal-Mart Among Others (Applause)

More Muslims Arrive In U.S., After 9/11 Dip (Free New York Times Reg Req)

U.S. Immigrant Marches Fail To Attract Large Crowds


New Jersey: Party Insiders Wonder If Menendez Can Survive

Hacking Of Governor’s Computer Suspected. Published Comments Had Been Taped, Stored On Office Server

Funny Anti-Heath Shuler Ad


Newt Gingrich: We Need To Bring About Regime Change In Iran – But Preferably Not By Force

Redstate Does A Podcast Interview With Newt Gingrich

Victor Davis Hanson: Is the Western Way of War Dead?

James Joyner: The Left Remembers 9/11

Brendan Conway: The Myth of the “Fightin’ Dems”

The Wall Street Journal: Jack Bauer Insurance

Mary Katharine Ham: Beware The Truthers. Don’t Ignore Them


Bush Assassination Film Set For U.S. Release

One In 5 Canadians Sees 9/11 As U.S. Plot: Poll

Website Of The Day: Crosstabs

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