Daily News For September 13, 2005


Iraqi President Jalal Talabani Said In An Interview Yesterday That The United States Could Withdraw As Many As 50,000 Troops By The End Of The Year (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Iraq Mounts New Raid On Guerrillas, US Warns Syria

Gaza Synagogues Face Likely Desecration. PA Leader Admits Palestinians Can’t Be Trusted With Israel’s Holy Sites

Palestinians Loot Gaza After Israelis Leave

Hurricane Katrina

La. Death Toll Now 279

45 Bodies Found At New Orleans Hospital

Doctors: Hurricane Katrina Forced Us To Kill Patients

Amtrak, Nagin Argue Over Rescue Train

Iraqi Soldiers Donate To Katrina Victims

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Firefighter To Replace Brown As FEMA Chief

‘Judges Are Not Politicians,’ Roberts Says As Hearings Begin, Democrats Call For Fuller Answers On Civil Rights Views (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Text Of John Roberts Opening Statement

Gallup Poll: Bush Approval 46%

CNN Producers Told On-Air Guests: Get Angry

Radio Station Can’t Sell Any Ads For Air America


John Fund: FDR And Truman Made Cuts When Crises Demanded It. Why Won’t Bush?

Robert Novak: Priscilla Owen Is The Leading Candidate To Replace Sandra Day O’Connor

Tony Blankley: ‘An Islamist Threat Like The Nazis’

Ben Stein: More On Katrina

Mark Steyn: Bush Kept His Head And The Danger’s Passed


More Than 80 Per Cent Of The People Using The British Capital’s Soup Kitchens, Which Also Hand Out Food Such As Sandwiches, Are In Fact Not Homeless

A Prostitute Who Torched A Civic Leader’s Home Because She Was Angry That Newcomers To The Neighborhood Were Hurting Her Business Was Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison

Tongue-Eating Bug Found In Fish (W/Gross Pic)

Website Of The Day: The American Thinker

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