Daily News For September 15, 2006


Americans for Prosperity Hails House Passage of Earmark Reform, Calls on Senate to Approve Similar Reforms

The House Votes To Build 700 Miles Of Double-Layered Fencing On A 283-138 Vote. 131 Democrats, A Majority, Voted Against The Fence

Senate Panel Defies Bush on Terror (Warner, McCain, Snowe, & Graham Vote With Dems To Undercut The War On Terror)

Michael Hayden, The CIA director, Had Concluded That Under The McCain Legislation, “The CIA Programme Would Have To Be Shut Down” (McCain Can’t Be Trusted To Handle The War On Terrorism)

Powell Endorses Efforts To Block Bush’s Terrorist Plan (I’m Glad He’s No Longer The Secretary Of State)

Group Says It Didn’t Plan Tancredo Event

Bob Ney To Plead Guilty On Criminal Charges


Al-Qaida Joins Algerians Against France

Violence After U.S. Troops Raid Iraq Shi’ite Office

U.N. Inspectors Challenge House Nuclear Report On Iran

Lebanese Prime Minister Warns That His Army Will Seize All Weapons Shown Publicly In The South

Dubai’s Ruler Accused Of Slavery

Pope’s Speech Stirs Muslim Anger


Rasmussen Polling: George Bush’s Job Approval: 47%

Democrats Form New Group for Fund-Raising and Ads (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Jim Webb In His Own Words: On Women

Sen. George Allen Got The Endorsement Tuesday Of A Senior Black Democratic State Legislator, Benjamin J. Lambert

GOP Wants Last Minute Candidate Swapping Barred In New Jersey

Defying Pundits, GOP Claims Field Of Competitive Races Is Narrowing


John O’Neill: Swift Boat Leader Responds to Kerry

Victor Davis Hanson: Osama’s 9/11 Anniversary

Daniel Henninger: Movies Cover War Better Than News Media

A Short Interview With Mark Steyn


Men Are Slightly More Intelligent Than Women, Claims New Study

Woman Accused In Myspace Murder Plot

‘Dog’ Arrested At Mexico’s Request For Capturing Rapist (This Is Outrageous)

Video: Mary Katharine Ham And Michelle Malkin Chat About Rosey O’Donnell On The View

Humor: Those Darn Christian Extremists

Humor: In My World — Clinton Visits The White House

Website Of The Day: Rightroots

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