Daily News For September 19, 2005


Afghans Vote In Landmark Poll

Iraqi Lawmakers OK Amended Constitution

Germany’s Schroeder Loses Angela Merkel, But Refuses To Concede. Both Parties Scramble To Form Coalitions That Can Pull In 50% Of The Vote

Leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq Al-Zarqawi Declares “Total War” on Shi’ites

Blair Calls BBC Coverage ‘Full Of Hate Of America’


Hurricane Death Toll Jumps To 816

Blanco Claims Feds Pledged Buses

Sen. Mary Landrieu: I’ll Still Punch Bush

House GOP Seeks To Offset Katrina Spending

Rescuers Find 76-Year-Old Man In Big Easy

4 Years After 9/11, The Us Still Can’t Track Visitors

Clinton Launches Withering Attack On Bush On Iraq, Katrina, Budget

Bill Clinton Says Wife Should Not Pledge To Full Senate Term

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Mark Steyn: Flawless Roberts Holding Dems Scoreless

A WSJ Interview With John Bolton

Irwin Stelzer: Katrina Conservatism

Paul Jacob: The Storm Over Poverty

Peter Worthington: Why The Iraq War Was Necessary

The Wall Street Journal: Tal Afar Turning Point? A Breakthrough For Iraqi Forces


Inventor Denies Dead Cat Fuel Ingredient

New Orleans: Pit Bulls Vs. A Bull In A Fight To The Finish (W/Disturbing Pics)

‘Dream Hunts’ Aim To Draw More Children To The Sport

Website Of The Day: Big Lizards

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