Daily News For September 21, 2006


Shiite Militias Are Encouraging Children — Some As Young As 6 Or 7 — To Hurl Stones And Gasoline Bombs At U.S. Convoys, Hoping To Lure American Troops Into Ambushes Or Provoke Them Into Shooting Back

At U.N., Chavez Calls Bush ‘The Devil’

Bush Would Send Troops Inside Pakistan To Catch Bin Laden

Muslims Demand Pope Convert To Islam

Honduran Ex-President Reportedly Denied Entry Into U.S. In Miami


The House Voted Wednesday To Require Americans To Show Proof Of Citizenship In Order To Vote

Bill O’Reilly: ” The FBI Came In And Warned Me And A Few Other People At Fox News That Al Qaeda Had Us On A Death List. … That’s A Little Disconcerting.”

Calif. Sues 6 Carmakers In Global Warming Suit

U.S. Sen. Jim Demint Vowed Tuesday To Block President Bush’s Nominee To Head The Food And Drug Administration Unless The Agency Moves To Stop The Sale Of A Popular Abortion Pill


Allen Says He Embraces His Jewish Ancestry (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Claim: Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry Mcauliffe Will Chair Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Presidential Campaign Next Year

N.J.’s Kean Seeks GOP Help To Gain Cash

Survey USA For Maryland Senate: Michael Steele 48% Vs. Ben Cardin 47%


Mark Steyn: Droning Toward Sensitivity

Novak On The GOP’s House And Senate Prospects

A Podcast Interview With Former RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie

Brendan Nyhan: Everybody Has One — Bloggers and the Death of Opinion Journalism

Ann Coulter: Are Videotaped Beheadings Covered by Geneva?

Victor Davis Hanson: Drawing the Line?


CIA Interrogation Techniques: Witness the Horror!

Last Night On The Amazing Race, Two Muslim Contestants Refused To Shake Hands With Some Female Fellow Racers

Pics From An Anti-Ahmadinejad Rally At UN. 40k Rally For Israel

Path To 9/11: The Home Game!

A New Vlog From Bethany!

Video: Steve Irwin’s Daughter Reads A Short Tribute To Him

Website Of The Day: Maggie’s Farm

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