Daily News For September 22, 2006


Republicans Reach Deal On Detainee Bill (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Fitzgerald Given Way Out Of Libby CIA Leak Case. Judge Says He Can Dismiss Case If Classified Secrets Will Be Revealed

Bill Clinton Accuses Bush Of Wanting To: Institutionalize What Happened At Abu Ghraib”

Bush Ready To OK Border Barrier

Bush On Democrats: ‘They Will Raise Your Taxes’

Army Ends Best Recruiting Year Since 1997

Study: Oceans Have Cooled In Recent Years

Original Evidence Missing In John Mark Karr Child Porn Case


Pakistani Clerics Demand Pope’s Removal

Musharraf: US Threatened To Bomb Pakistan ‘Back To Stone Age’ After 9/11 (Applause)

Two Top Al-Sadr Aides Reportedly Detained In Najaf By U.S. Forces

Israeli PM Ehud Olmert’s Approval Rating Is 22% (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)

Charges Dismissed Against Turkish Novelist

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Kweisi’s son, Michael Mfume Endorse’s Michael Steele

National Black Republican Association Radio Ad In The Steele Race

Webb’s Dirty Tricksters: Push-Blogging

GOP Drops Ariz. Tv Ad Campaign For Randy Graf


Hugh Hewitt Interviews Victor Davis Hanson on the UN Speeches Yesterday, And The Reaction By The Mainstream Media

Don Surber: Ny Times — Let Voter Fraud Continue

Bill Roggio: Drawing The Battlelines In Anbar

Ed Lasky: The Democratic Party And Jews


Group Urges Prosecution Of 83-Year-Old Nazi. Deported Woman Served As WW2 Prison Guard, Married Holocaust Survivor

Game: Canyon Glider

The Website Of The Day: The Radio Equalizer

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