Daily News For September 23, 2005


Miles Of Traffic As Texans Heed Order To Leave (Free NYT Reg Req)

Rita May Spare Galveston And Houston

Latest Storm Could Hit Refineries Harder Than Katrina

Roberts Nomination Advances. Senate Judiciary Committee Votes 13-5 In Favor

Katrina Death Toll Tops 1,060

Jimmy Carter: Gore Beat Bush In 2000. Says ‘No Doubt’ Al Won, ‘Country Failed Abysmally’ In Election Process (Rolls Eyes)

Arnold Schwarzenegger: “I Have A Daughter. I Wouldn’t Want To Have Someone Take My Daughter To A Hospital For An Abortion Or Something And Not Tell Me. I Would Kill Him If They Do That.”

Poll: Fewer Than Half Think U.S. Will Win In Iraq

Second Lodi, CA Muslim Cleric Deported To Pakistan

Legislation Would Require Pet To Be Included In Evacuations

Rasmussen Reports: The Minutemen Volunteers Who Patrolled The American Border: 54% of Americans View Them Favorably — 22% Unfavorably

Hillary, McCain To Meet With Cindy Sheehan


Iranian Opposition Group: Iran ‘On Verge’ Of Nuke Bomb

More Than A Dozen Prisoners Released From Guantanamo Bay Have Returned To The -“Battlefield” To Fight Americans

Aide Says Grand Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani Will Tell Shiites To Pass Charter

U.S. Deploys Warfare Unit To Jam Enemy Satellites

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The White House Should Withdraw Julie Myers

Jonah Goldberg: Is This The End Of ‘Compassionate Conservatism’?

Mona Charen: Who Are These Republicans?

Hugh Hewitt: There’s A Reason That The Media Hasn’t Asked National Democrats What They Think About California’s Same-Sex Marriage bill


Teacher Goes After Students Toilet Papering His House With A Sword

Two Girls Were Charged With Attempted Murder Tuesday After They Put Rat Poison Into Milk Cartons Of Two Fellow Students

Website Of The Day: A Certain Slant Of Light

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