Daily News For September 30, 2005


Roberts Confirmed As 17th Chief Justice. Senate Republicans Are Unanimous, Democrats Evenly Split (Free WAPO Reg)

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison: DeLay Prosecutor ‘Corrupt’

Color The WaPo Editorial Board Skeptical About The DeLay Indictment

The Money That Led To The Indictment This Week Of Two Las Vegas Pastors And The Wife Of One Of Them Came From Federal Grants Arranged By Sen. Harry Reid In September 2001

Judith Miller Agrees To Testify In CIA Leak Probe

Judge Orders Release Of Abu Ghraib Photos

USA TODAY / CNN / Gallup Poll: Bush Job Approval 45%

Schwarzenegger Vetoes Gay Marriage Bill

Senator Demands Bennett Apology for Remark That Was Taken Completely Out Of Context

FedEx Discrimination Suit Moves Ahead


String Of Car Bombs Kills 65 In Iraq

Hamas Takes Control Of Gaza

US Pressing Abbas To Act Now On Gaza

Dutch ‘Marriage’: 1 Man, 2 Women. Trio Becomes 1st Officially To Tie The Knots

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Byron York: Coming Soon — The Ronnie Earle Movie. The DeLay prosecutor has let a film crew follow him through the whole case

Katherine Kersten: Reservist Says Protesters Are Breaking Faith

John Podhoretz: Dems Delight Over DeLay

Robert Novak: A Germ of Fiscal Sanity

Charles Krauthammer: The Antiwar Movement Is Singularly Disserved By Its Leadership

James Pinkerton: Secure Borders — The Hot Issue


Commanderatrix In Chief: “Desperate Housewives” Pick A Prez

Almost 350 Children And Teachers Have Been Taken To Hospital After Going Down With Suspected Food Poisoning At A Primary School In China

Man Found Driving Ambulance With Dead Deer

Website Of The Day: Sweetness & Light

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