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At Least 15 Die In Nigeria Cartoon Protest

Muslims Assault U.S. Embassy In Indonesia

Cartoon Protesters: ‘God Bless Hitler’

US Criticized For Going After Corruption And Sex Offenses Committed By The UN (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Poll Reveals 40% Of Muslims Want Sharia Law In UK

Osama Bin Laden: I’ll Never Be Captured Alive

Israel Freezes Transfer Of Palestinian Funds

Hugo Chavez To Condi Rice: ‘Don’t Mess With Me, Girl’


Fear Escalates On Foreign Control Of Ports

Promise to Shore Up Ethics Loses Speed (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Gas-Price Controls Backfire In Hawaii. Cost Of Fuel Rises Faster Under New Law

Chicago Wants To Force Private Businesses To Install Government Security Cameras

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Mark Steyn: Cheering Tidbits Lighten Otherwise Grim Week

Tim Blair: Ice People Condemn Heat

Flemming Rose: Why I Published Those Cartoons (Ironically, This Was Published In The WAPO Where They Will not Show The Cartoons)

Alasdair Palmer: ‘The Day Is Coming When British Muslims Form A State Within A State’

Salena Zito: Irreconcilable Differences On Race

Dustin Hawkins: Hackett Is A Member Of The Troops, That Democrats Didn’t Support

Elizabeth Wilner and Chuck Todd: Dems Need A Newt Of Their Own (Free NYT Reg Req)


Unmasked: Animal Extremist Waging War On Oxford From America

Claim: Paternity Fraud Rampant In U.S.. 30% Of Those Named As Fathers Bilked Of Child Support Unjustly

Top 10 Presidential Errors List

Wildlife Group Claims Proof Of Bigfoot Colony

Website Of The Day: Rantings Of A Sandmonkey

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