Dallas Educrats Promote Slacking Off

The idiocracy has taken another small step toward its goal of reducing Americans to ignorant, useless, government-dependent farm animals that can be raised for votes the way chickens are raised for eggs:

Dallas public school students who flunk tests, blow off homework and miss assignment deadlines can make up the work without penalty, under new rules that have angered many teachers.

The new rules will be distributed when teachers return to their campuses next week. But many who have already seen the regulations say they are too lenient on slackers, and will come at the expense of kids who work hard.

For example, the new rules require teachers to accept late work and prevent them from penalizing students for missed deadlines. Homework grades that would drag down a student’s overall average will be thrown out.

Complains language teacher Ray Cox:

It’s like we’re sending the message to kids that deadlines don’t matter, studying is optional, and no matter how little you do, you’re still [going to] pass all your classes anyway.

Cox seems to have missed the point that once all students have been brought down to the level of the laziest and least able, and everyone understands that individual effort is futile, the socialist dream of equality can be attained at last.

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