“Damascus” Bill Nelson Pals Around With Syria

Democrats used to suck up to the Communists when they were a real force, so it’s not surprising to see someone like “Damascus” Bill Nelson heading over to the Middle East to collaborate with a terrorist supporting regime like Syria. Supposedly, there are other senators also planning to head over and chat with their Syrian Pals, including John Kerry and (Gag) Arlen Specter.

What exactly was the point of this trip? The White House opposed Nelson’s visit and if America makes the decision to have talks with Syria, the President should be the one making the decision. Moreover, Nelson doesn’t make foreign policy and Syria supports Hezbollah, a terrorist group that has killed Americans. Additionally, the Syrians will take this as a sign that American is divided and too weak to confront them.

But, maybe Damascus Bill and the Syrians can negotiate things out. Syria wants to do everything possible to weaken America, kill our troops, and see our country humiliated and disgraced. As a Democrat, Bill Nelson probably agrees with the first and third planks of that agenda, at least as long as a Republican is in the White House, so maybe they worked on that. On the other hand, maybe Nelson was trying to negotiate a “coveted” Syria endorsement for the Democratic nominee in 2008. If so, that was a waste of time because any nation that wants to see a weak and compliant America will be rooting for wimpy Democrats, like Ben Nelson, to take over the White House in 2008. Perhaps our young diplomat wannabe, Damascus Bill, can go suck up to Iran and, if we can find him, Osama Bin Laden next. You’d have to think that would be right down his alley.

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