David Warren returns to “reclaim his country”

“In my five weeks of absence from this space, I was saddened to learn that the assault on free speech and press in Canada has been escalated. In addition to the very ugly cases that have been brought before various so-called ‘human rights commissions,’ to silence such ‘politically incorrect’ Canadian writers as Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn, frivolous lawsuits have now been brought against several prominent journalists and bloggers for their efforts in exposing how the human rights commissions work, and for their audacity in mocking ludicrous behaviour by members of the HRC’s ‘Anti-Hate Teams.’


“I have been referring only to headline cases — those of which the better-informed general public will be aware, already. But many others are currently defending themselves against Kafkaesque prosecutions that require them to raise far more money for lawyers and other legal expenses than they could ever afford, against plaintiffs whose costs are paid by the taxpayer.

“The notion that ‘freedom of speech is an American concept’ — I am quoting Dean Steacy, principal ‘mediator’ (i.e. thought-crime investigator) for the Canadian Human Rights Commission — is proving sadly true in the limited sense that most of the money donated to the various legal defence funds has come, via Internet, from outraged citizens of the U.S….”

(And for that, we thank you all again! Kathy Shaidle blogs, rants and gets her butt sued off at FiveFeetOfFury.com)

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