Day By Day Rules — Rall Drools!

Day By Day captured the essence of my Democrats Who Want To Win Vs. Democrats Who Want To Vent post from yesterday with this cartoon…

Now if only they could replace some of the worthless comics on the funny pages with Day by Day. I mean come on, is anyone really reading the comics to see if Sarge yells at Beetle Bailey today? Oh boy, we’ve never seen that before. And Lil Abner — how can that still be on the comics page? When did that comic start up — the 18th century? Was Ben Franklin the original artist — is that why Lil Abner hasn’t been mercifully sent to the comic graveyard? And some of these other cartoons like Pogo & Arlo and Jannis are so bad that we should force the terrorists at Gitmo to read them over and over until they spill their guts. Even the really popular comics like Garfield and Peanuts aren’t very entertaining or witty. Personally, I think Charley Brown’s crooked shirt and Garfield’s teeth have subliminal messages in them that force people to look at them in the paper. How else can you explain it? I read lots of Peanuts books when I was kid and I look back now and it’s like, “Charley Brown was Jimmy Carter, Lucy was Hillary Clinton jr., & Peppermint Patty was little Janet Reno. Not even Snoopy could carry that trainwreck of a comic on his back!”

I’m sure I’ve now irritated the legions of loyal “Pogo” fans and people who have based their lives around the “clever quips” of Peppermint Patty, but I’m not pulling any punches — Dilbert, Foxtrot, & Tank McNamara rule & Ziggy, Kathy, & the wretchedly boring Family Circus drool! Up with Day By Day & down with Ted Rall! And most importantly, the guys who created Bloom County & The Far Side have to come out of retirement. Come back guys, do it for the children!

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