Deconstructing the Blog: I ran

Deconstructing the Blog: I ran across an article on “PC Mag” written by a jerk named John C. Dvorak. The whole point of his article is that bloggers are a bunch of unprofessional amateurs who are obviously unfit to share the internet with the “brilliant artists” among us who probably make 5 cents a word writing for “PC Mag”. Hey Dvorak, I have news for you: If aliens show up here a 1000 years from now and open a time capsule filled with mankind’s greatest acheivements, there isn’t going to be an edition of “John C. Dvorak’s Greatest Works” in there or even a copy of “PC Mag.” That’s probably a good thing because if the aliens saw that nerdy pic of Dvorak they’d probably jump in their spaceships and fly back to whatever distant corner of the galaxy they came from. Dvorak might want to keep that in mind and climb off of that “high horse” he’s sitting on…

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