Defining Nazism Down

The Democrats have been spending the last few years finding any and every excuse to scream “Nazi,” “Hitler,” and “Fascism,” at everything that moves.

Well now, the Democrats have gotten so Nazi happy that they apparently think that murdering 12 million people in concentration camps is roughly equivalent to asking the Glacier a few medium-hard questions at a debate.

From Linda Hirshman at the New Republic,

Last summer the Nevada Democrats pulled out of a debate sponsored by Fox News. Loaded, racist and all the rest, the Dems decided it was incoherent for them to pretend Fox was a media outlet like any other.

Tim Russert is worse, because he has the mantle of the venerable NBC, network of Nipper, the radio dog. Bulletin to Democrats: Just Say No to Russert.

…Oh, and for you Obama and Edwards supporters, remember the story about the man who didn’t stand up to the Nazis when they came for his neighbors.

Maybe she should suggest that Hillary write a diary, a la Anne Frank, now that they’ve endured roughly equivalent experiences.

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