DeLay Does The Right Thing

From RWN on Sept 28, 2005:

As most of you undoubtedly already know, Tom DeLay has been indicted on dubious charges by a prosecutor with a history of politically motivated prosecutions.

….That being said, this indictment will result in the mainstream media spending months loudly and gleefully accusing DeLay of corruption while darkly hinting that he’s guilty. The media’s job will be made much easier by the fact that DeLay has well known ties to crooked lobbyist Jack Abramoff and has been previously admonished by the House ethics panel multiple times.

Most Republicans, for the moment at least, will stick by Tom DeLay’s side and insist that they want him back as Majority Leader after he beats the rap.

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That is a mistake.

…What Republicans in the House need to understand is that there’s a time to “stand by your man” and there is a time to turn a crisis into an opportunity. This would seem to be the opportune time for House Republicans to get rid of the biggest spending Majority Leader in history while also appearing to take a tough stand against corruption. They should make the most of it.

Make no bones about it: I’m glad DeLay is being replaced. In fact, as you can see by that old post, I was ready for a new Majority Leader months ago. Still, DeLay deserves credit for reading the handwriting on the wall after Abramoff decided to deal with the DOJ — instead of fighting this changeover behind the scenes for a couple of months — and dragging it out.

Thanks for doing it the easy way, Congressman! The rest of us in the GOP appreciate it.

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