Dem Aide Pleads Guilty To Bribing Ex-Boss, A Democratic Representative

Can bribery be evidence of a “culture of corruption” if Republicans aren’t involved?:

The man Pfeffer bribed is referred to only as “Representative A” in court papers. But law enforcement sources and documents make clear the politician is the defendant’s former employer, Jefferson, who has not been charged in the case.

Pfeffer recounted in court how his former Capitol Hill boss, in exchange for using his congressional influence in Africa, demanded a 5 to 7 percent stake in one of two new companies Pfeffer’s firm was investing in. The companies were to provide high-speed Internet and cable TV service in Ghana and Nigeria.

Pfeffer said the congressman also demanded that two relatives be put on the businesses’ payrolls.

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Pfeffer told his boss at the investment firm, a 41-year-old woman referred to as “CW” in court papers, that such was the cost of doing business with the congressman, a court document said.

That’s from this past Thursday. It was published on page 5.

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