DeMint: A Hero Once Again By W.C. Varones

Senator Jim DeMint is again one of the last defenders of conservatism and common sense in the face of a massive taxpayer bailout of the corrupt Democrat enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac:

For proof of how powerful they remain, even in their straitened circumstances, look no further than Majority Leader Harry Reid’s refusal even to allow a vote on an amendment proposed by South Carolina Republican Jim DeMint to bar the two from lobbying in the future. Senator DeMint has threatened to filibuster if his amendment isn’t aired. By itself, the antilobbying provision won’t save the taxpayer from Fan and Fred, but it’s a start.

Democrats are rushing this bill through because of the favors for Fan and Fred and new spending for left-wing activists like Acorn. But the reluctance of many Republicans to look out for taxpayers is harder to comprehend. They’ll get little credit this year for letting the majority Democrats say they did something for “housing,” and GOP voters will blame them for rescuing the irresponsible.

Meantime, the White House and Treasury are betting that this bill will put a floor under the housing market and buoy bank stocks, and thus avoid a deeper financial downturn. The rescue will only delay a housing market bottom, and it may or may not help bank stocks. The one certainty is that taxpayers are assuming a huge new risk.

Click over and read the whole thing. And then call your senators and tell them to filibuster.

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