Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: Nader =’s Stalin?

Question: How can you tell that the Democrats are really, really angry at Ralph Nader for running again?

Answer: You find a poll at the Democratic Underground that reads “Does Nader=Stalin” and here are the results….

Do you know what would REALLY make the Dems mad? Since Nader is running as an Independent, that means that the Green party could run someone like Cynthia McKinney =D. Imagine both of them splitting off lefty votes =D

…Ok, that’s enough imagining because I don’t want to get anybody’s hopes up. I don’t expect Nader to have nearly as much of an impact thistime not only because people now clearly understand that he cost Gore the election, but because he probably won’t even make it on the ballots of every state. But, as long as Nader and the Green Party candidate offset the wasted votes that are going to go the Libertarian party and Reform Party, I’m happy.

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