Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: Liberal Fascism Aimed At Ann Coulter

Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: Ann Coulter Inspires Liberal Fascism?

Over at the Democratic Underground, Aptastik asks,

Ann Coulter Is Speaking At My School – Need Protest Ideas

So, recently, the president of the College Republicans at my university took over the student government and promptly cut our NYPIRG budget by $25,000 and reallocated it to the CR. I found out today through a source in the administration (I’m a journalism student) that they recently booked Ann Coulter for a speaking engagement.

According to my source, the check has already been cut, so there’s no way to protest the actual spending of the money, just her arrival. I know we’ve got some really creative protest veterans here, so what are some ideas of making sure Ann Coulter knows she’s not welcome at our university?

Anything that would not result in my arrest would be a plus, something funny and creative that will get people’s attention.

Thanks for your help DU!

There’s nothing wrong with that per se. Anyone should be able to protest a speaker that he doesn’t like as long as he doesn’t try to prevent him/her from speaking or make a complete jackass of himself.

But, the suggestions at the DU — so many of them were straight out of the liberal, fascist handbook and they show the lengths that the Left in this country will go to, to try to prevent people who disagree with them from having a chance to speak at all.

tularetom: First, go buy several large gooey pies….

paparush: You should all line up and Sh#t on the stage…Seriously

Johonny: or just praise her “wisdom”

You know dress up in your fav neo-Nazi costume. Every time she makes a point rattle off some inappropriate Eric Cartman Nazism. Basically scare the crap out of everyone there. Some times there’s nothing worse than praise.

TalkingDog: That will do nicely. Push the support to it’s logical extreme.

Think “Billionaires for Bush” type activism.

If she says liberals are evil and should be executed. You should shout back something like: “Yeah, baby! And after we’ll anally rape their children, we’ll eviscerate them so they can’t f*cking reproduce!!! You ROCK Ann!”

Not just hateful, I mean truly vile and disgusting. So bad, even her supporters will think twice about who they are listening to.

Now, keep in mind, if you are found out it looks bad for liberals everywhere.

But hell, yeah. I’d do it in a heartbeat

spanone: a pie in the piehole would be nice

cboy4: Considering she’s a sociopath, I suspect she gets

off on all of the attention.

I do know she’s terrified of pies, per a youtube clip when she reacted as though someone was throwing anthrax on her.

So, I agree with the others.

Display pies. She’ll be a nervous wreck the whole time wondering if she’s going to be hit.

JackBeck: Pie throwing protests are one of my favs. n/t

Lone_Wolf: some water balloons filled with koolaid

Much easier to throw than a pie and more accurate. Using a water balloon launcher you could even do this from the back row.

backscatter712: Dress up in SS uniforms,

wear swastika armbands, and do goosestepping and Heil Hitler salutes in her direction.

Declare you’re her supporters…

femrap: That is a really good idea…

it will make her supporters think twice about why they like her.

I did something similar when canvassing for Kerry in ’04. When I came upon a W voter, I would hug them and get all excited and thank them because it meant that the Rapture was coming. The Rapture is coming…as I skipped down the driveway. I would turn around and the look on their face was absolutely priceless.

grizmaster: Agreed, dress like stormtroopers and applaud her wildly

dorkulon: You probably won’t be able to get near her…

She spoke at a University here, and a friend and I were psyched to do something to her, but there was security around her, and even the stage had a security perimeter.

In other words, think long range.

RedCappedBandit: You should invest in a taser and tase the $h*& out of her.

sakabatou: Water baloons filled with maple syrup?

Fridays Child: I’m sure she would enjoy a sh*t pie She certainly spews enough of it.

Wizard777: I was going to say dump abucket of pigs blood on her ala Carrie. But I think your on to something!

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