Democrats: Illegal Aliens Who Engage In Burglary, Assault, & Kidnapping? Make Them American Citizens


“Senate Democrats refused to allow consideration of an amendment yesterday that would bar illegal aliens convicted of felonies from obtaining U.S. citizenship.

Democrats said the amendment would “gut” the immigration bill under consideration in the Senate and refused to allow a vote on it.

“It hurts the bill,” said Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada. “It hurts the very foundation and what I believe is the spirit” of the legislation.”

Granted, this would not apply to rapists or murderers. But here are some of the crimes that Democrats believe people should be able to commit without disqualifying themselves from being considered for American citizenship:

“(B)urglary, assault and battery, possession of an unregistered, sawed-off shotgun, kidnapping and alien smuggling.”

Un. Be. Lievable.

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