Democrats Like Minorities…As Long As They Do What They’re Told

The Democrats never miss a chance to keep a brother down…well, if he’s conservative that is…

“Incoming Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid on Sunday had harsh words for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

When asked to comment on Thomas as a possible replacement for Chief Justice William Rehnquist, Reid told NBC’s “Meet the Press”: “I think that he has been an embarrassment to the Supreme Court.

“I think that his opinions are poorly written. I just don’t think that he’s done a good job as a Supreme Court justice.”

Rehnquist announced he had thyroid cancer earlier this year, and there has been speculation about a possible replacement should he retire.

Kathy Arberg, a spokeswoman for the Supreme Court, said Thomas’ policy is not to comment on such matters.”

Let’s just really say what this is all about: Harry Reid’s real problem with Clarence Thomas isn’t the opinions he’s written, it has to do with his skin color. If you’re black or Latino and a conservative, the Democrats are going to target you because of your race and your ideology.

They’re going to call you an “extremist,” they’re going to claim you’re unqualified, and if you’re prominent enough, they’re going to draw cartoons of you with big lips, call you Aunt Jemima, call you a house slave, & say you’re a sell-out because you don’t take orders from people like Ted Kennedy, Terry MacAuliffe, & Robert Byrd. It’s not that they’re prejudiced against minorities, they’re just prejudiced against black people who don’t do what they’re told by white Democrats.

Ask Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice, Colin Powell, Janice Rogers Brown, Miguel Estrada, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Armstrong Williams, Michelle Malkin and any other minorities who don’t tow the liberal line about how they get treated by those same Democrats who are lecturing everyone else on tolerance some time. I’m sure they can give you a real earful.

If you’re a liberal Democrat, whatever your race, fine, you’re in the right party. But, if you’re a conservative minority and you’re voting Democrat because you’re intimidated by these creeps in the Democratic Party who’ll call you names if you don’t act like your skin color determines which way you’ve got to vote, come on over to the GOP.

Don’t let the Dems rhetoric scare you. You are welcome in the GOP. Don’t believe me? Don’t think I’m serious? Well, let me say right up front to anyone in the GOP who doesn’t welcome minorities into the Party: Screw you, we don’t need people like you in the GOP.

If you’re a minority, not a liberal, and haven’t ever given the GOP a serious look, why not do it now? No party is perfect, but unlike the Democrats, at least we look at you as a person, not a skin color who has to vote whichever way we tell you.

*** Update #1 ***: From the comments section, jweir says,

“The thing that struck me on reading this blog entry was that it’s extremely racist to believe that a person cannot be criticized just because they’re non-white.

Its akin to saying “Don’t criticize them… can’t you see that they’re black??”.”

It is of course, fine to criticize people who aren’t white. For example, Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton are race hustling poverty pimps who should be an embarassment to the Democratic Party.

But after ripping into Thomas, Reid went on to laud Justice Scalia and if you understand politics on the Hill, you know why he did that.

Given the poor health of Chief Justice William Rehnquist, it’s likely that George Bush will have to appoint his successor and the rumor is that he’s leaning toward Thomas. Now the Democrats loathe Scalia, but having Clarence Thomas as Chief Justice would be much worse because he’s black and Democrats absolutely HATE IT when black Republicans succeed.

Know why? Because they spend all their time telling people that Republicans are cross burnin’, racist, rednecks that detest black people. Of course, that doesn’t square with reality because if that’s what Republicans are like, why is it that Clarence Thomas was appointed by a Republican? How did Colin Powell become Secretary of State? Why did Bush appoint Condi to be the next Secretary of State? Why is it that Rush Limbaugh would have Walter Williams fill in for him if his audience is filled with drooling racists? Heck, if conservatives are such racists, how can you account for the popularity of Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Deroy Murdock, Jesse Lee Peterson, Michelle Malkin, Alan Keyes, Ward Connerly and conservative pundits, activists, and talk radio hosts?

That’s why Democrats go after successful conservative minorities so viciously, because they can’t afford for minorities to figure out that conservatives aren’t the evil boogeymen the left portrays them to be. And if more moderate and conservative minorities don’t buy the hype about Republicans, then they might give the GOP a real look instead of wasting their votes on liberals they don’t agree with, but think at least ,”don’t hate me like those Republicans do”.

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