Dems Force Intelligence Agencies to Waste Time on Global Warming Farce

The next time Muslims launch a major terror attack, people will inevitably ask again, why didn’t the intelligence community connect the dots? The answer: because they were too busy defending Americans against their own breath.

CO2 is a harmless gas produced by all human activities, including breathing, that is highly beneficial to plant life. It’s been found that when our perpetually changing climate warms, there follows a rise in CO2 levels, because the warmth allows for more life, which creates more CO2. Yet liberal ideology dictates that CO2 is bad, so our intelligence agencies have been tasked with investigating the imaginary global warming crisis it has supposedly caused. From yesterday’s The Corner:

This morning, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the House Permanent Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming held a joint hearing on a “National Intelligence Assessment” on global climate change. This analysis was ordered by the Democratic Congress last year and was issued a few weeks ago. […]

In response to a question by Global Warming Committee member Greg Walden (R-OR), the Intelligence Community admitted they had “low to medium confidence” in the accuracy of this estimate because intelligence officers lack the expertise to write such an estimate (it was mostly contracted out to other organizations) and climate change science is so uncertain. […]

Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Peter Hoekstra asked what intelligence was used for this estimate and whether intelligence collection requirements were prepared. National Intelligence Council Chairman Thomas Fingar said no clandestine intelligence was used and that intelligence officers extrapolated what would happen if the “mid-level estimates” by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change were correct. When Hoekstra asked why the U.S. Intelligence Community would write a major analysis of low to medium confidence that contained no intelligence, Fingar answered, “because you [Congress] told us to.”

There you have it — the Democrat conception of national security. Meanwhile, liberals’ al Qaeda beneficiaries are busily figuring out how to turn Manhattan into a mushroom cloud.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin; on a tip from Burning Hot. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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