Denigrating the Overblog 2005: The RWN Edition

One of my all-time favorite posts in the blogosphere was called “Denigrating the Overblog” by the Flying Space Monkey Chronicles.

Now this was a brilliant concept:

Who’s getting entirely too much traffic and doesn’t deserve it? Got any nominations? Rules are the same as the one for underblogs except backwards…or…something like that.

Put the names/URLs (max 5) of blogs in comments along with why you think they get too much traffic and we’ll have a vote or a random drawing or I’ll up and pick the top 20. The top 20 winners losers, them, hehe, we’ll all take them off our blogrolls and NEVER, EVER GO THERE AGAIN.”

Granted, I don’t have a blogroll to drop anyone from and I refuse to promise not to go to any particular blog, but still, this is a great idea. In fact, it’s such a great idea that I got permission from the man, from Spacemonkey himself — hehehe, that guy has a funny name — to run this same concept on RWN.

So, in the comments section, post the 5 blogs you think are most overrated (1 post per person please).

You other bloggers out there? I know you might not want to post your lists publicly for obvious reasons, but you can still send your readers on over to RWN so they can have their say.

Come on, you know you want to stick it to those overrated bloggers who get all that traffic they don’t deserve and steal ideas that smaller blogs like the Flying Space Monkey Chronicles come up with — uh, wait, maybe, I should rephrase that?

Anyway, “Denigrate the Overblog” in the comments section: you know you want to do it!

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