Deny Felons The Right To Vote? You Bet!

In a sane world, you wouldn’t need to explain why felons should be allowed to vote. But today, if you have enough votes to swing elections, somebody ** cough cough ** Democrats ** cough cough ** will rush to embrace you.

In this case, we have MLK’s widow, Coretta Scott King, tying the rights of gang-bangers, murderers, crackheads, and serial rapists to the Civil Rights movement….

“Ending the disenfranchisement of convicted felons is part of the unfinished business of the civil rights movement, Coretta Scott King said at an NAACP event marking the 40th anniversary of the Portland chapter in Maine.

During her keynote address Saturday night, King emphasized the need for political empowerment as a way to help minorities achieve gains in areas such as jobs and education.

She said that in a democracy, the right to vote should be absolute and should not, as in some states, be withheld from felons who have completed their prison sentences or remain free on probation or parole.

“Something is very wrong with laws that prevent any citizen from experiencing his or her democratic right, even when they have paid their debt to society,” she told the crowd.”

Don’t ya love that line, “they have paid their debt to society”? Yeah, I wonder if Coretta Scott King would let her grandchildren stay at a day care that had several child molesters who had “paid their debt to society” working there? Would she leave a teenage niece alone with a rapist who had “paid (his) debt to society”? Ms. King was at an NAACP event and I wonder if they’d be willing to hire some people who had “paid their debt to society” for embezzling to handle their books?

What could go wrong? I mean there isn’t any difference between people who “paid their debt to society” and the rest of us who have never committed a felony right?


We can let people out of jail, we don’t have to keep them in there forever, but we should use common sense when they get out. I’m a huge proponent of the 2nd Amendment, but I don’t want Joe the “Pistol Whippin’ Rapist” to be able to buy a handgun when he gets out jail. Furthermore, I fully approve of Charley “the Child Molester” having to warn people in his neighborhood that he’s a sex offender. Taking precautions like these with felons is basic common sense that protects society from criminals.

And one of the best ways to protect society from influence of known criminals is denying them the right to vote. Sure, maybe some people think John Walker Lindh, Charles Manson, John Hinckley, Jonathan Pollard, Terry Nichols, & their lesser known ilk should be able to vote if and when they ever get out of prison, but it’s not in America’s interest to have people like that voting…

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