Deport Them All? No? But, Get Them To Leave Through Attrition? Yes.

There’s a headline over at Drudge that says, “CNN’S DOBBS ON ’60 MINUTES’: U.S. COULD DEPORT ALL ILLEGALS.”

Here’s the quote,

“Dobbs is against amnesty programs for illegal immigrants and the president’s guest worker proposal, so Stahl wonders whether Dobbs thinks the government could deport all illegal immigrants. “I’ve never called for their deportation,”says Dobbs. “But at the same time, when this president and open-borders, illegal-alien-amnesty advocates say, ‘You can’t deport them,’ my answer is, ‘You want to bet?’ because this is the United States. I think this country can do anything it sets its mind to,” he tells Stahl.”

Realistically, you can’t run them all down. However, if you…

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#1) Crack down on the businesses that are hiring them so they can’t get jobs.
#2) Deny illegals everything but emergency medical service.
#3) Aggressively attempt to enforce the laws and deport illegals whenever they’re caught.
#4) Change the law so that a baby born to two people here illegally isn’t an American citizen (which, after researching it a bit, I do think is Constitutional).

…You will get rid of 90-95% of the illegals that are here, not because we will catch each and every one, slap the cuffs on them, and send them home, but because they will self-deport.

Most illegals are here to get jobs and most business owners aren’t willing to risk jail to hire illegals. So, if you start making examples of businesses that hire illegals, the other business owners will get cold feet, stop hiring illegals, and that will take away the magnet that draws illegals here. Then, #2, #3, and #4 will make sure they get the idea that they’re not wanted.

Combine the two policies and you put an end to the illegal alien problem except for a few criminals, drug runners, stragglers, etc. That’s not to say every illegal alien would be gone, but so many of them would that illegal immigration would cease to be a big issue.

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