Deranged Denver Professor Under Fire for Palin Assignment

Surprise, surprise. Here’s the report from the Rocky Mountain News:

 Metro State College is investigating a professor who asked students to write an essay critical of Republican vice presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin. One student said the instructor singled out Republican students in the class and allowed others to ridicule them.

"I was shocked, I was holy cow, this is just an open door for him to discuss politics with us," said Jana Barber, a student in the class.

There’s more information available in this video from a local news station, too:


Folks on the Right are not happy.

This isn’t our first rodeo, as Michelle Malkin pointed out on her blog today, calling the Denver professor a "Ward Churchill wanna-be." Allahpundit of Hot Air noted that "David Horowitz will never run out of material." Unfortunately, Allah is exactly right: as often as incidents like his come to light, professors continue to belittle students who don’t espouse their extremist beliefs.

What do you think?

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