Destroying The Republican Brand

Imagine if, day in and day out, every week for a month, you heard nothing but lousy stories about Toyotas. One day you hear that they’re prone to flip over. The next day it’s a mystery explosion. The next day you hear about the dealers using faulty parts. A couple of days later, the wheels pop off another Toyota in traffic and a 50 car pile-up results.

Now, imagine that you’re a local Toyota dealer — and a good one. You sell cars at a good price, you make sure they’re kept in perfect condition, you really care about serving your customers. Well, guess what? Your business is going to suffer terribly, even though you might be doing a great job.

Well, in essence, that’s what happened on Tuesday. The GOP brand is like the Toyota brand in the example above. It has been so run down and sullied with the general public that it just killed our candidates across the board. These statistics will show you what I’m talking about:

“A survey of 1200 likely voters taken in 12 swing districts this past Sunday and Monday might explain why Republicans might have a long night ahead of them. The veteran GOP pollster says he has “never seen anything like it.” Asked who is more likely to cut taxes for the middle class – 42 percent said Democrats, 29 picked Republicans. Who is more likely to reduce the deficit? 47 – Democrats, 22 – Republicans. And, who is more likely to control spending? Democrats – 38, Republicans – 21. In the past, even if Republicans didn’t win some race or another, they were more trusted on taxes and spending issues.”

That’s right, according to the public, the Democratic Party is the party of tax cuts, deficit reduction, and fiscal responsibility. That just goes to show you how badly this, “compassionate conservatism/big government Republican” strategy that Republicans in Congress have pursued has hurt the GOP.

This is exactly what happens when you have a party that says, “Screw principles, let’s just do whatever seems to poll well in order to stay in power.

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