Deval Patrick: A Preview of the Obama Administration

If the media is able to install Obama in the White House, he won’t stop at borrowing Deval Patrick’s speeches; he’s likely to emulate the affirmative action governor’s policies too.

This should sound familiar: Patrick was elected as a Harvard-trained Chicago lawyer with little relevant experience, who ran to the left of the more established candidate. Once in office, he devoted himself to spending taxpayer money on $23,000 drapes, a Cadillac DTS, and an assistant for his wife. Meanwhile, his state is plunging toward insolvency:

This year’s state budget included a whopping $16 billion in new debt — that’s more than half the state’s entire annual budget. And that’s just the new debt. Massachusetts taxpayers were already carrying the highest debt burden per capita in the nation. But that hasn’t slowed down Gov. Patrick.

As the Boston Herald reported this week, Gov. Patrick has added nearly 2,000 new state employees to the payroll after 18 months in office. He’s also raised his own office’s budget by 80 percent in a year — not even gas prices jumped as fast.

At least not all of the taxpayers’ money will be wasted hiring more useless bureauweenies:

And one of his pet projects is a $1 billion state “investment” in life sciences, a program using tax dollars to fund projects and facilities to benefit multi-billion dollar drug companies like Wyeth and Genzyme.

Unsurprisingly, executives from these companies are big Patrick supporters. I wonder what kind of federal funds President Obama would invest in the slumlords, terrorists, and racist demagogues who have provided him with such loyal support.

As an inexperienced post turtle elected primarily for his skin color, Patrick is easily dominated by Taxachusetts’s leftist legislature. Presumably the same would hold true under an Obama regime, effectively putting Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in charge of the country. Even that might be better than Barack the Teenage Marxist trying to run it himself.

Do we really need to repeat Massachusetts’s mistakes?

On a tip from V the K. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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