Did Bill Clinton Endorse Legal Action Against People Showing The Danish Cartoons While In Pakistan?

This is absolutely outrageous — if it’s true. From the Daily Times, in Pakistan (Emphasis mine):

“ISLAMABAD: Former US president Bill Clinton on Friday condemned the publication of Prophet Muhammad’s caricatures by European newspapers and urged countries concerned to convict the publishers.

Talking to reporters after meeting Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz in Islamabad, Clinton said he disagreed with the caricatures and that the publication was against religious and ethical norms. Clinton said he had no objection to peaceful demonstrations being held worldwide, but this was not the time for violence. He said it was the time to promote inter-faith harmony and stand together on the issue.

He said the people’s religious convictions should be respected at all costs and the media should be disallowed to play with the religious sentiments of other faiths. He said the media could criticise any issue including governments and people, but nobody had the right to play with the sentiments of other faiths.”

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Is Bill Clinton actually calling for an end to free speech where religion is concerned, censorship of the press, and the prosecution of the people responsible for the showing Danish cartoons? If so, that is reprehensible — even for a man like Bill Clinton.

However, this is from a paper in Pakistan and they have a tendency to — well, let’s be blunt: make things up all the time. You should have seen some of the garbage coming from the Pakistani press during the war in Afghanistan.

Whatever the case may be, Bill Clinton needs to be asked about those comments by the American press. If he actually said that, then he deserves all the scorn that can be heaped upon him. If he didn’t, then asking him about it will give him an opportunity to set the record straight. Either way, this needs to be cleared up.

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