Did The Globe Break A New Bill Clinton Affair?

“If Bill Clinton can get above 60% in the polls, he can start dating again” — Fritz Hollings

Bill Clinton holding hands Now typically, I’m the first person to sneer at stories that come from trashy gossip rags like the Globe, but they just might be onto something here,

“The former President was caught on camera holding hands with an attractive 26-year-old woman after a speaking engagement in Edmonton, Alberta. She’s been identified as Avra Siegel, who worked as a national advance person for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

…In a 44-frame sequence, Clinton is seen leaving the hotel, descending the steps while shaking a few hands, then reaching his car, turning and noticing Avra.

“He could have gotten into his vehicle but instead he turns and looks over to where she’s standing,” says (Sun photo editor Tom) Braid. “He reaches out, grabs her hand, waves, lets go, touches her on her shoulder, and leaves.”

Braid says Avra had an “all-access” pass for the event, including the Green Room, an area of the stage where speakers can relax before going on.

…The hand-holding “lasted a few seconds,” says Baird.

Could it be innocent? Conceivably, but it seems unlikely.

I mean come on; how many married guys are going to hold hands with a woman other than their wife in public? And keep in mind that we’re talking about Bill Clinton here, a guy who’s notorious for cheating on his wife. Now, he’s photographed in public holding hands with a hotty he has been spending time around on the campaign — and there’s nothing going on? Sure….

PS: This is my favorite, unintentionally funny part of the pic. An “All-Access” pass to Bill Clinton? Yeah, I bet =D.

PS #2: I feel sorry for the girl because a lot of people, including Hillary, are going to figure that she’s having an affair with Bill and if need be, Bill will shove her under a bus so fast it will make her head spin.

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