Dieboldmania At The Democratic Underground

Over at the Democratic Underground, they’re in full tinfoil hat mode over Clinton’s surprise victory over Obama. Here are just SOME of the threads that they have going over there,

* NH vote concern, One man controls the counting

* ALL Diebold, ALL the Time – It’s the NH Primary

* …… Warning….. Do Not Adjust Your Set…. Follow the numbers from our DIEBOLD servers…

* Are We Talking About Exit Polls Being Off, Internal Polls Off, Day Tracking Polls Wrong & DIEBOLD?

* Well Diebold won again

* Nearly 15 point shift from last night’s polls to today’s vote, with unaudited Diebold scanners?

* Okay, If Diebold is f*cking with the numbers, in who’s favor?

* The disparity between polling and this result is too wide to explain…

* Don’t forget, polls were never so innaccurate BEFORE BushCo 2000.

* What if ……… the polls were rigged and the votes were right?

* Ok, So only Democrats lie to Pollers??? funny thing Repukes were on the money

* So let me get this straight…Obama’s been winning all day up until the polls close

* Deep Tin Foil Time

* Why were McCain’s poll numbers accurate and Obama’s weren’t?

* Does NH use Deibold???????

* They f*cking stealing the vote,

PS: This one has nothing to do with rigged elections. I added it just because it was funny.

Nothing says “change” like John McCain and Hillary Clinton

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