DNC Convention Blogger Blues

The Kossies have such a flair with titles. This diarist and other DNC/liberal bloggers have their panties in a twist over the selection of the DNC Convention State Blogger Corps. These bloggers will have access to their state delegates, an honor not accorded to the general blogger corps. There were five state blogs that were deemed unmatched by many to the principles of the Dean strategy.

The DNC’s blog credentialing f’up

The DNC’s online guy at the convention, Aaron Myers claims that it’s a big ado about nothing, that the snubbed blogs will be getting regular blog credentials when those are announced sometime this week.

But that’s not the point.

The state blogger corps were a special program and a particularly coveted one since it allows those bloggers to sit with their delegations on the convention floor. Regular bloggers can’t do that. They may “have access” to the state delegations, but they won’t be sitting with them.

The solution was easy — take the five blogs that were given their unwarranted access, and give them regular blog credentials just like most everyone else. Those are the same credentials sites like Daily Kos will have, so there’s nothing shameful about them.

Open Left senses a disturbance in the big tent blogging unity:

Dissent is a good thing, and it would be a shame if independent progressive activists were penalized because they are willing to speak out about problems with the party. That’s how Republicans act.

Is this a foreshadowing of things to come at the DNC Convention? Darn, I should have pursued blogging credentials for this convention instead of the RNC. The cat fights among the bloggers would be worth the price of admission. Still not voting for Obama, though.

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