Do You Really Trust The Left On Afghanistan?

“But as Obama becomes more hawkish on Afghanistan, the antiwar movement and Democrats face a splintering process between those who want to militarily defeat the Taliban (the Vote Vets PAC, Tom Matzzie, Rand Beers and his “liberal” National Security Network etc.) and nearly all the mainstream peace groups who believe that Afghanistan and Pakistan are deepening quagmires. Obama’s endorsement of a NATO role for Georgia will divide or alienate the rank-and-file even further.” — Tom Hayden at The Nation

All the Left’s talk about pulling out of Iraq so we focus on Afghanistan? As Barry O. might say, it’s nothing but the old okie-doke.

In truth, liberals haven’t changed in decades. If it helps America’s enemies, they’re for it. If it makes America safer, they’re against it. It’s how they behaved during the Cold War and it’s how they’re behaving during the war on terror. Security measures at home? They want those measures thwarted. The war in Iraq? They want to lose. The war in Afghanistan? They want to lose.

It’s a self-destructive impulse that the Left has that is every bit as instinctual as a lion’s desire to eat meat or a cow’s desire to eat grass — and if Barack Obama gets in the White House, it doesn’t matter what he’s saying today, he will inevitably come around to the view of the “mainstream peace groups who believe that Afghanistan and Pakistan are deepening quagmires.”

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