Do You Want Jesse Jackson Speaking On Your Behalf? By Michael “A.J. Sparxx” Illions

Jesse Jackson has a sit-down with terrorist leader:

Veteran US activist Rev. Jesse Jackson discussed an Israel-Hizbullah prisoner swap with Syrian President Bashar Assad on Sunday, and appealed for dialogue as a means to solve the Mideast’s problems.

Jackson, who arrived in Damascus on the first leg of a tour that also includes stops in Lebanon and Israel, said he was on a humanitarian mission to gauge the “views” of Syrian, Lebanese and Israeli officials. He also said he would appeal to them to stick to the UN-brokered cease-fire that took effect on August 14.

Who would let the man that called New York “Hymie-town” broker anything involving Jews or Israel:

Israel, meanwhile, politely dismissed Jackson’s initiative. “We appreciate Jesse Jackson’s sensitivity to the humanitarian issues,” one diplomatic official said, adding that Israel was calling for the unconditional release of the soldiers.

Thank God he doesn’t represent the United States:

Asked what role he might play in improving Syrian-American relations and resuming stalled peace negotiations with Israel, Jackson said, “We are on a humanitarian mission, we don’t represent the US administration. We are here to meet officials in Syria, Lebanon and Israel, to urge for the cease-fire to hold and to guarantee humanitarian aid.”

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