Does America Have A Problem?

If the Mall today, and the Apple store specifically, was any indication, the economy is going to boom at the end of 2007. Consumers are in a spending mood. I’m no economist and this is anecdotal, of course.

I’m just wondering if everyone from economists to political analysts to well, Americans in general, haven’t had it so good for so long, that what is really wrong in America is a bad attitude.

Are we really that far divided politically in America or is it a construct of the media?

Are we on the verge of stock market destruction?

Are we that far off track?

I’m asking, because the evidence I see is of people working hard, going about their business, going to church and work, traveling to see family. And shopping! Doing a lot of shopping. Essentially, the same thing they’ve always done.

It makes me wonder if America’s problem is that we have few problems and have the luxury to obsess.

Cross-posted at Dr. Melissa Clouthier

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