Does The Fate Of The Free World Depend On Mark Brunell’s Left Arm?

Here’s an interesting coincidence many of you may not be aware of…

“(T)here is a 100 percent correlation between the Washington Redskins win-loss record and the outcome of every presidential contest dating back to 1940. If the Redskins win their last home game prior to Election Day, the party in power stays in power. Conversely, if the Skins lose the game, the incumbent party is on the street.

In 2000 – Tennessee Titans 27, Redskins 21: Bush defeats Al Gore.

In 1996 – Redskins 31, Indianapolis Colts 16: Bill Clinton defeats Bob Dole.

In 1992 – New York Giants 24, Redskins 7: Clinton defeats George H.W. Bush.

In 1988 – Redskins 27, New Orleans Saints 24: Bush defeats Michael Dukakis.

Therefore, forget about the Electoral College, voting irregularities in Florida, and missing weapons in Iraq. The fate of the free world, says one observer, rides on the Redskins versus the Packers on Halloween night.”

Currently, The Green Bay Packers are favored to beat the Redskins by 1.5 points.

PS: I almost didn’t post this because there’s always a chance some superstitious liberal nut might try to run over Mark Brunell or Clinton Portis with his car to try to insure a John Kerry victory.

PS #2: On the other hand, while the Redskins wins matching up with the incumbent wins are pure chance, I’m still glad we’re not relying on my Carolina Panthers to win a game to “pull out the presidency” this year because they’re really stinking it up =D

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