Don Imus And The Crowning Of A New King Of Race Hustling Poverty Pimps

On the one hand, I think Don Imus is an obnoxious creep. In addition to that, he’s to the left-of-center, so watching his being publicly flayed alive in a slow news cycle because of comments about “nappy headed hos” and “jiggaboos” on his show is generally fun for me.

On the other, I am sick and tired of the sort of political correctness and double standards that demand that guys like Imus prostrate themselves in front of anti-Semitic, worthless sacks of crap like Al Sharpton. Well, at least it wasn’t Jesse Jackson, right? In fact, if you think about it, this Imus appearance with Reverend Al is almost like one drug dealer taking over another’s territory. It’s like a silent acknowledgment that Al Sharpton has supplanted Jesse Jackson as the biggest race hustler in America.

But, a funny thing happened on Sharpton’s show: Imus slipped up and used the phrase, “You People!” *** Gasp *** No, it’s not a racist phrase, but like “articulate” and “niggardly,” it’s another phrase the grievance mongers have latched on to because they can’t find enough real racism to keep their pockets full and their names in the news.

So now, he’s suspended for two weeks. Again, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, but geeze, enough with the apologies already.

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