Don Schrader: A Natural for BHO’s Cabinet

When it comes to picking a Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, Barack Obama need look no farther than Don Schrader. An old puff piece in New Mexico’s Daily Lobo glowingly reports that he’s been a member of the University of New Mexico community since 1970, when he came to Albuquerque as a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War. Schrader has used a local public access channel to advocate poverty, pacifism, and environmental extremism. Evidently sharing possible Energy Secretary Al Gore‘s belief that the internal combustion engine is “a mortal threat … more deadly than that of any military enemy,” he refuses to ride in vehicles.

There’s more:

Schrader also practices urine therapy. He began the therapy in 1999 and drinks one to five cups of his own urine every day.

“This has been practiced for thousands of years all over the world,” he said.

Schrader said urine contains hundreds of nutrients and is healthy for the skin.

“There have been multitudes of people all over the world, for many centuries, healing almost every disease known to human kind by urine therapy,” he said. “It is tried and true. There is no hocus pocus.”

Schrader said his other convictions are to be a homosexual and a nudist. He said he didn’t know of the existence of homosexuality until he was in his 30s.

“That’s how ignorant we were of such things,” he said. “It’s especially ironic that 43 years later, I am the most well-known openly gay man in the city.”

But wait, there could be a problem…

Schrader said the most important conviction is to not pay federal taxes. He has not paid federal income tax for 27 years and has pledged never to pay again. He said he refuses to pay to murder people.

“I have come to see that for me, as a conscientious objector to all war, to pay federal income tax to train other people — largely the poor and people of color — to become professional hired killers for Uncle Sam, for the U.S. empire, to murder on command with no conscience, would be more evil than for me to be a soldier myself,” he said.

An aversion to taxes won’t win him any friends in an Obamination Administration.

But even on taxes, both his motives and his methods are pure. He dodges the taxman by scrupulously avoiding work, thereby earning so little money that he doesn’t owe any. This dovetails nicely with Michelle Obama’s helpful advice that college grads not pursue the American dream.

Schrader’s a guy Obama could forgive for being white.

On a tip from Matt L. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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