Don’t Cater To “Transgendered” People

As a society, we have a tendency to define deviancy downward. The things that are shocking to one generation end up being accepted in a matter-of-fact manner by their grandchildren. When that happens, it leads to the sort of bizarre situation we’re seeing in Eugene Oregon:

The Human Rights Commission’s quest to include gender identity in the city’s anti-discrimination code faces its final steps this summer, with a vote expected in June or July that would send the code change to the Eugene City Council.

…Eugene’s current anti-discrimination code prohibits discrimination in housing, employment and work places based on race, age, gender, disability and other personal traits. City officials have discussed including gender identity in the anti-discrimination code for several years — a mayoral veto in 2002 struck down a similar ordinance.

…(City Councilor David) Kelly said one of the biggest things looming over the heads of those involved in writing the actual ordinance is the common fear that allowing transgender people and people with differing gender identities equal access to bathrooms will be seen by sexual predators as an invitation to start hanging out in bathrooms looking for victims.

“Some of the people who are expressing concern seriously fear that something will change dramatically, that women in particular will be less safe in restrooms than they are now, but that’s certainly not the case,” Kelly said.

The code the commission is drafting would make it illegal to prohibit transgender people from, among other things, using a bathroom of their choice.

Mike Jaskilka, a pastor of Berean Baptist Church in Eugene, said he does not support the ordinance for a number of reasons.

Jaskilka said he has talked with many women in the community who are concerned about allowing transgender people access to whichever bathroom they choose.

“I’ve talked with many, and they all feel that this policy threatens their sense of privacy and safety,” Jaskilka said.

Kelly said such fears are typically the result of severe misunderstandings about what the ordinance intends to do. He said allowing transgender people access to the bathroom of their choice does nothing to make bathrooms more accessible to sexual predators.

“There’s no physical bar at the entrance of bathrooms,” Kelly said, referring to the current lack of laws or ordinances that prohibit members of the opposite sex from entering any bathroom they choose.

Jaskilka said he also opposes the code change because gender identity is recognized as a psychiatric disorder. “I think that’s where help needs to be offered, rather than attempting to make it sound normal,” Jaskilka said.”

Look, you can no more change your sex than you can change your species. Now sure, there may be men or women who are mentally disturbed and think or feel that they really should be a member of the opposite sex, but that doesn’t make it so.

Furthermore, the whole idea that “transgendered” people should be able to use whatever bathroom they like is simply ridiculous. If a man thinks he’s a dog, should he be able to walk out to the street corner, lift his leg, and pee on a fire hydrant?

You can want to be a member of the opposite sex, you can think you’re a member of the opposite sex, you can dress like the opposite sex, you can — unfortunately, and I say unfortunately because it should be illegal — even have an operation that makes you look like a member of the opposite sex, but you are what you are and society shouldn’t be catering to your mental illness.

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