Don’t Confuse The AP With Stinking Facts

That crazy Jim Hoft. He is actually suggesting that news organizations, like the AP, should consider including some facts along with their Bush-bashing rather than just picking up and relying on previous bogus stories they find at the top of their Google searches. What is he smokin’? Like that is ever gonna happen.

But seriously, read Jim’s post. What gets me about these stories insinuating (or like the one Jim cites, outright stating) links between Republicans and their big wig contributors and bad behavior is that the reporters are either completely ignorant of the way government works or they are banking on the fact that most of their readers are. When the White House, the Senate and the House are controlled by Republicans, there are quite a few companies and individuals that are going to decide it is in their best interest to contribute more money to that side of the aisle. You know, because that is who is in actually in office.

Thanks to John Hawkins for inviting me to guest blog here today. I hope you will make it a habit to visit Polipundit for more political blogging and Byrd Droppings for blogging about just about everything else.

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